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Welcome to Shakti Soul Collective

Empowering femme identifying folx through circle, workshops and soul purpose coaching.

Jessica Jean Muir, LMT, RYT

Hello,I’m Jessica Jean, and I really, really care. My passion is helping people empower themselves and step into their fullest potential on a wholistic level-mind, body and soul purpose. I also love teaching people the practice of alchemy and helping them to turn their shadow selves into their greatest strengths. I’m a body worker, trauma informed somatic and vision manifestation coach, energy healer, yoga teacher and I facilitate women's circle. All of the work I do centers around creating more safe space, embodiment and unity in this world. What I do requires a ton of baths and a ton of self care, but I would never trade my dharma (life’s work) for anything else in this world. I identify as a wounded-healer archetype. If you’ve gone through a hell of a time in your life and used that struggle to learn, transcend, heal and then bring that knowledge and healing to others, this is you too. For that reason, compassion, empathy and authenticity are some of the ways I strive to connect with others. If any of this speaks to you, let’s connect, community is everything to me and being of service to you is my highest calling.  



Empowerment, Embodiment, Alchemy, Community


Intuitive & Trama Informed Bodywork


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To hear, see, and experience other people who have stories similar to mine, passions similar to mine... made me feel so "normal". To feel that support and share in the passion was amazing. Each and every ritual of that day opened something for me. I can't put into words just what it did to me mentally, physically, but today I am still feeling the effects of it. My whole world shifted. The way I look at others, the way I feel anything. food, sex, it's all different. 

I know I have a road ahead of me, and this was just the opening of my journey.. but I am so fucking happy and grateful for you and the other women for initiating this change and helping me see.

Just what my soul needed to begin again."


It's hard to put into words what we experience in this circle. About half a year ago, I became a client of Jess's. Since day one, I knew her energy and intuitive gifts would create an insane influence on my life (just wait until you feel the love she radiates!) A few months later, she told me about womxns circle. So I took a chance and joined. At first, I was nervous because some of the womxn had been in circle before, and I was new. I thought I knew how powerful it would be... HA! It was the most life-altering, beautiful, loving experience I've ever had. Truly. Each week, we'd gather to share where we were at our lives in that moment - without judgment or thought, just a welcoming heart. Whether it's guided meditation, sharings, journaling, exercises to open our hearts, releasing stagnant energy... Jess has the incredible gift of holding space for the purest love. And it will transform your life, whether you see it coming or not. These womxn are my support system. My rocks. My angels. Loving friendships and the strongest sense of sisterhood I now carry into my life, every day. I rose fully into my goddess self. Thank you, thank you, thank you, universe.