Jessica Jean Muir, LMT, RYT, Founder and CEO

Hi, my name is Jessica Jean Muir and I’m the founder and CEO of Shakti Soul Collective. I am a self-love warrior, shadow work alchemist, bringer of light and outspoken womxns empowerment activist. I am an intuitive and professionally educated body worker, group facilitator, movement teacher and holistic coach based in Denver, Colorado. Here’s a taste of what I’m all about: 


Training in: 

Originally from New York, I discovered my love of body-based therapy in 2014 during a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Three Sisters Yoga in Manhattan. After that certification I went on to teach yoga to people of varying demographics and skill levels in New York, Colorado and Costa Rica. I am relentlessly passionate about the study of holistic healing through somatics. 

After completing my Bachelor's degree in New York, I went on to graduate from the Colorado School of Healing arts in June of 2017 as a Licensed Massage Therapist. During the 700 hour program at CSHA, I studied modalities such as Swedish, Deep-tissue, Neuromuscular and Sports massage. I also completed a specialty certification in pre-natal massage to honor my love and admiration of the divine feminine.



In March of 2017 I completed The Prison Yoga Project Training with James Fox where I studied trauma-informed yoga therapy and learned to work with incarcerated, institutionalized and heavily stressed populations. I also completed training in Trauma Touch Therapy at Colorado School of Healing Arts. In June 2017 I received my level I and II Reiki certification to facilitate healing of the energetic body. I received an additional 200-hour Yoga Teaching certification in the specialty of Hot and Hot Power Fusion Yoga through Core Power Yoga in Boulder, Colorado in December of 2017. I had been sitting in womxns circles for 3 years and after completing deep self-study on the art of circle facilitation I finally stepped into my current role as lead facilitator at Shakti Soul Collective. I am continually learning and honing my facilitation skills through experience, study and checking in with my elders.     


I have been in somatic counseling for 4 years which has deeply impacted not only my own personal growth but also influences how I work with clients. I have studied ecstatic dance with the power house Malaika Darville (https://www.inmyelements.com/aboutmalaika) and tantra with the deeply divine duo Homa and Mukto (http://homaandmukto.com) and both of these practices define my work. In April of 2020 I completed my Level I breathwork facilitator training with Revelation Breathwork. I have also studied at the school of life and also pull from my own experience and deep knowledge I have acquired over the years.  I am constantly learning, expanding and deepening my knowledge to be the most effective and transformative catalyst for my community.                                                                           


Creatrix of: 

-Shakti Soul Collective

-spaces that transform, inspire and connect. 

-intentional community 

-experiences that increase and teach authentic embodiment. 

-The 8 week Wholistic Evolution Program

-Ecstatic dance experiences

-Shadow work containers 

- & more 


My gifts: 

-As a natural extrovert, I have always had the gift of being a connector. And, through my own intuitive flow and intentional study, I have become gifted at the art of connection. 

-I am deeply gifted at creating and holding sacred space where people feel seen, safe and held. 

-I have the gift of being truly comfortable in the shadow. This means, I am able to hold your hand as you work through and with your shadow self. I can be your anchor while you are excavating and healing some of your deepest traumas. 

-I am a communicator. I express myself best with words. Both spoken and written, I have the gift of inspiring others with my insight. 


My mission is to: 

I really, really care about humans. And for that reason I really, really care about my mission. In fact, it is my entire life and my reason for being on this planet. My mission is to be the light in a sometimes overhwlemingly dark world. To lead as many femme identifying humans as possible back into their power. To create a new paradigm where we can be deeper connection with ourselves and eachother free of societal brainwashing and structures that keep us armored and isolated. I believe that humans were put on this earth to reach their highest potential. In my mind, that potential looks like: radical compassion for ourselves and each other, full embodiment, heart centered connection, living your dharma (soul purpose) and feeling free on a holistic levell. My mission is to be a guide in your journey towards your highest potential in this lifetime.  I also love teaching people the practice of alchemy and helping them to turn their shadow selves into their greatest strengths. All of the work I do centers around creating more safe space, embodiment and unity in this world. Compassion, empathy and authenticity are some of the ways I strive to connect with others.  


Maria Nichols, Executive Assistant,

Right Hand Woman

On me:

My name is Maria Rae Nichols. I am your resident pagan witch and the right hand womxn of Shakti Soul Collective. My magical awakening began in 2017. Since then, I am constantly called to spaces where the divine feminine is most abundant. Magic has helped me discover what autonomy and true freedom look like for me. Community has inspired me to pursue work that moves me. I am here to walk with other womxn through our personal and collective journeys- of healing, self-love, and aligning with our highest and brightest purpose. 



On passions: 

I’m passionate about teaching! It’s always felt natural for me to assume the role of teacher in some form or another. I’m an insatiably curious admirer of knowledge and information. My appreciation for learning is boundless. As a teacher, I believe I am serving at my highest whenever I am also learning. One of my most sacred values is leading by example. 


On gifts:

I am a cultivator of human connection. As an intuitive person, I’m able to meet people in their energy almost immediately. It’s effortless for me to hold space for others. Because of this, deep soul connections happen frequently for me. I cherish the fact that people have a tendency to really open themselves up to me. 

Alexandra Mollon, Marketing Maven


On Me:

My name is Alexandra Mollon and I feel as though my whole life has been a winding road to bring me here. I am a firm believer in unlearning the things society tells us to be to live a life guided by our intuition. I began my journey of following my intuition by attending my very first yoga class at 21 and have followed that inner voice across the country, twice and it eventually led me to this magical community. I believe in the power of womxn to heal ourselves and our world.


On gifts & passions:

I have naturally always been able to see the big picture. I see the way things are intricately interconnected.

The thing that fascinated me the most about the big picture was how humans fit into it which led to me beginning studying humanity at the age of 15 when I took my first anthropology class. That life long study of humans and humanity has led me to a successful career in marketing.


I am most passionate when I am marketing something I wholeheartedly believe in. I have first hand seen the power of this work and this community and am honored to be a part of spreading this magic far and wide.


As a serious introvert turned major extrovert I've learned both the power of internal work and the power of connection for personal and community growth. That growth led me to my first yoga teacher training which both terrified and excited me. The gift I am most grateful for is that it taught me I feel most alive when I am holding a safe space for people to settle into their souls and find alignment.