My coaching package is the most comprehensive, wholistic and in-depth offering that I have created thus far. These sessions are therapeutic, empowering and illuminating. Through integrating my education, work experience and personal development journey, I have created a path towards awakening your most alive and whole Self. 


We all visions of what our most aligned life looks like. However, being human is complicated, and as we move through the world we develop various coping strategies and patterns, which sometimes are our allies and other times turn into blocks. The art of discerning what is serving and what is not and then reparenting/repatterning yourself is at the heart of this package. My core belief is that we are each the divine creators of our own reality. In each moment we have a choice to stay stuck, or to do the harder thing which is to lean into something new and create sustainable change. 

This coaching package is not about only making external changes to your life. It is about unearthing your true potential and healing the pieces inside of you that feel unworthy of creating what you REALLY want. For this reason, this package is not for the faint of heart, To really experience the full potential of this offering, it requires a desire to step into your courage and to do the shadow work you've been avoiding. I am here to be your guide, ally and greatest supporter as we shift your reality and create a new and aligned paradigm that reflects your full aliveness. 



The first step in reclaiming your power. During this complimentary 30 minute call we will explore the content of your world. We will assess how I can support you and make sure we are a perfect fit. I can also answer all of your questions and provide more detail about the structure of this offering. 


This package is 8 weeks long and includes two opportunities for 1:1 support each week. The first week, we will embark on a 2 hour session together to lay a strong foundation for your process. Every week following, we will connect on a 1 hour call at the beginning of the week and a digital check in at the end of the week. This structure is designed to give you a high level of accountability and support while also allowing time for your own personal integration process. 

the impact

"Jessica came into my life when I was at my rope's end. I was unhappy and felt unfulfilled in life with work, my relationship and myself. I originally thought what I needed was therapy but I saw Jessica's post for coaching and thought it was a sign from the divine. For 8 weeks, I worked with her and it was the most wonderful, crazy and amazing rollercoaster ride of my life. We worked together to realize things that were holding me back like limiting beliefs & years of learned patterns/defense mechanisms. I  knew all of these existed on an intellectual level but to actually FEEL them and have them make sense, fully in my body was transformational for me and I finally GOT IT. My life took a major turn after the first session and it still continues to improve for the better. I feel like this experience was better than any therapy sessions I could have taken." -R, Wholistic Evolution Coaching Client

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