Shakti Soul Collective Community Ecstatic Dance happens on a monthly basis at 2191 S Broadway in Denver. Dates for dance are chosen to correspond with the FULL MOON so that we can utilize the energy of culmination, celebration and release. 


What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is a deeply personal movement practice that changes based on what you bring to it. There are no "dance steps" or "right and wrong" ways to move. The intention is simply to show up, drop out of your mind and into your body and see what wants to be danced. We do not talk in the dance space to encourage the leaving behind of the linear mind. The music is simply a guide and in no way determines how you should dance. This practice is incredibly healing and profound and can really only be understood through the experience. Curious? Come join us. 

Top 3️⃣ Misconceptions about Ecstatic Dance: 

1️⃣ “IM NOT A DANCER”- I’m looking at you and you have a body. And bodies can dance. So you’re a dancer. Ecstatic dance is NOT performative. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to move your body in this container. In fact, the ecstatic dance container is the perfect place to un-wash your brain from the idea that moving your body needs to be pleasing for people watching in order for you to do it (hello, femmes). Also, here’s another little secret: no one, and I mean no one, is judging you at ecstatic dance. Everyone is so wrapped up in their own wild expression that even if they wanted to (which would be lame), there is no time for judgement. If you are avoiding trying Ecstatic Dance because you’re “not a dancer” you should come and let me prove that you are. 

2️⃣ “It sounds awkward”- if Ecstatic Dance sounds awkward to you, all the more reason to come! Why stay limited to a life where you are too self conscious to express freely? Screw that! You deserve more. Come and get right up against your edges in a safe space. 

3️⃣ “I could never dance without alcohol” - oooooof. You guys, as impossible as it may seem, this was me for a lot of my adult life. I get it, becoming FULLY embodied and out of your head is vulnerable because it requires you to release control. And releasing control is scary. Until it’s not. Until surrendering into the ecstasy of the present moment gets you high like no drug in the world ever could and you’re wondering why you wasted so many amazing dances in a numbed out state of drunkenness. If you feel you need to anesthetize in order to dance, I want to challenge you with the utmost compassion, to drop that limiting belief and come have FUN. Words that people popcorn out post-dance: freedom, sex,joy,love,unity,power etc. This practice changes my life, dance by dance and I want to share it with you.