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April 2020



Digital course

With Brittany Haywood

Magic by the Moon is a workshop designed to empower you, a femme identifying individual desiring to deepen your relationship with the moon and her cycles. As a participant of this workshop, you will sit in circle and share in rituals with other femmes near the New Moon, the Full Moon and the Dark Moon. You will learn about the energy of the moon phases and how to harness the power of these phases throughout the entire lunar cycle. You will strengthen the union of the divine feminine and divine masculine within, as we work with the union of the sun and the moon. We will explore what it means to work with our shadow, and how to integrate our shadow into our future intention setting. You will leave this workshop understanding the Moon as she appears and moves throughout your natal chart, and be able to use this knowledge as a guide and navigation tool throughout your healing journey and manifestation process. Join us, as we plant our seeds, celebrate their blossom, and honor their death, underneath the magic of the moon. 


This workshop meets 3 times over the course of a full moon cycle. Dates for the upcoming round are: Tuesday April 21, Tuesday May 5 & Tuesday May 19. 7:00pm-9:00pm at 2191 S Bway, Denver. 

About Magic by the Moon






Hello sweet sisters! I am Brittany, and I am a queer femme witch, astrologer and depth coach. I am a devotee of the Divine Feminine, and I am in deep relationship with Mother Moon and Mother Earth. I have walked in the shadows and bathed in the light, and have been a present witness to the shedding of my wounded past. My relationship with the lunar cycles, the zodiac seasons and the elements of the Earth has led to the creation of my signature offering, Magic by the Moon. My calling in this lifetime is to support other femme identifying individuals on their path of awakening and returning home to their Highest Selves. The training I have received in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling and Buddhist Psychology allows me to guide womxn in healing and transforming their deepest wounds. Within this work of alchemy, we are able to witness the rebirth of one’s true identity and desired reality. It is you that I welcome and invite to step through your initiation portal, and I hope to sit with you soon.