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August 2020


Rainier Wylde and Jessica Jean Muir present a new kind of wisdom community exploring what it means to consciously relate from the whole of who we are—both light and shadow, both masculine and feminine archetypes.


In this Virtual 4-Session learning experience, you’ll begin to learn the sacred art of listening to “the other” which ultimately allows for the creation of a new story.

You will directly encounter the primary archetypes of anima and animus—the Feminine and the Masculine qualities in each of us. You will also learn about the practical science of working with your shadow, using relationship as the backstop for self discovery. This deep dive isn’t just informational, its profoundly interactive. We will crack open mood and mind states of relating as a spiritual path, as well as discover how to work with this the explosive energy located in your own shadow to unleash profound creativity and connection.


Both Rainier and Jessica will be facilitating from years of experience and expertise, but also a place of humility and growth, around the topics of sexuality, suppression, shame, polarity, and conscious connection.


This is a workshop for both individuals and for couples that challenges each of us towards a state of balance. You’ll learn the art of igniting polarity first within yourself and then together in your relationships in order to find intimacy and vitality.


RELATING FROM THE SHADOWS is a highly experiential set of encounters designed to be explored whole heartedly. It promises to change how you relate to your self as well as your relationships. It’s all about embodiment practice, authentic desire, radical acceptance, and deep communion.


You will leave feeling a deeper connection to self and other, with practical skills to build and maintain relationship across difference, as well as having actively confronted murkier aspects of relational wounding between the masculine and feminine.


RELATING IN THE SHADOWS is a unique system of connection magic drawn from Western psychology, Eastern contemplative practices, and authentic relating. Drawing on years of practice in the arts and sciences of somatic, psychology, and deep spirituality, Jessica and Rainier bring a dynamic gift to the collective in this offering. Whether in silent Vipassana retreat, community mental health, graduate school, or spiritual communities, as a spiritual guide or relationship healer they have taught these skills to numerous individuals who have experienced profound freedom as a result.

RELATING IN THE SHADOWS is structured in such a way where you are able to participate in the convenience of your own environment. There are four group ZOOM calls that balance direct transmission of teaching, practice, and feedback. You’ll be able to get direct live access to the teachers. You'll be able to ask your questions directly, and get guidance. Additionally a replay of all calls will be available. This is $1500 in value alone. The course also features an exclusive Mastermind community of your peers where you can receive feedback, insight, and support from your fellow practitioner’s that are all walking this path. Finally you’ll receive directly to your email inbox a weekly Practice Exercises. This includes embodied spiritual training and guidance in bite sized pieces. You will also be given proven exercises designed to help you get clear, be fully present, and achieve balance.





July 2020