Re-wilding femmes and finding our way back to our primal truth.

Have you ever downplayed your magical practices and rituals by referring to them to others as "woo woo"? Have you ever jokingly called yourself a monster during your time of PMS? Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and asked yourself if you look acceptable to others, before even asking yourself if you FEEL good on the inside? Have you ever ignored your intuition because it doesn't "make sense"? Do you regularly hand your authority over to "experts" because you don't trust your gut? Do you experience yourself as separate from nature? These are all symptoms of the epidemic womxn are recovering from right now. Symptoms of being disconnected from your WILD: your connection to nature, your cycles, your body, your womb, your intuition and your community.

Looking back in history, womxn were revered for their wisdom and their innate connection to mama Gaia. Before the inception of modern agriculture, womxn were worshipped and their cycles were celebrated because they were viewed as innately connected to the Mother Earth. She brought a high crop yield, her blood was offered to the earth as a sign of fertility and her Sex magic was seen as a holy way of honoring the Divine. Womxn were the medicine keepers, the ones able to commune with those on the other side of the veil and the ones who could feel things beyond the physical realm (intuition). Our blood was worshipped, our sensitivity revered and our connection to nature was held sacred. Womxn knew how to heal one another, how to help each other birth our children. What plants to use as medicine. Whats Spirits to pray to and what rituals to perform.

As Christianity began to take hold and pagan Goddess-worship culture was replaced by patriarchal religions and societal structures, the medicine womxn were hunted. We were condemned for being witches (a word that means wise one). Our power too threatening to an emerging society that relied on us giving up personal authority to the government. We were told that if we practiced our craft we would be killed, any many of us were. Literally burned at the stake. The triple Goddess (maiden, mother, crone) was replaced by The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. And so, we were silenced.

The world we are living in right now is in a state of sickness, just look at the state of Mother Earth. The state of humanity. The state of womxn. Our society sees itself as separate from the earth, from Her. Our society values the linear over the mystical and condemns anything that cannot be explained through science as not real. Our society teaches womxn that our natural bodily functions are disgusting and that we should keep them hidden. Our society teaches us that our menstrual cycle and the emotions we experience during that time are a "syndrome" (PMS). Our society teaches us that in order to be of value here we must be fuck-able (but not TOO fuck-able), we mustn't take up too much space (lest we threaten people with the intense power of our bodies), we shouldn't have too many opinions or make a fuss (lest we be labeled a bitch). Our society teaches womxn that child birthing is best left to the professionals not our grandmothers, mothers, and sisters but white men in lab coats. Our society teaches us that the stardust in our bodies isn't real and that in order to commune with God(dess) we need to do so through a priest. Mary Magdalene was a whore and Mother Mary didn't fuck.

Here are the implications of living in a society that operates under those assumptions: women are numb to the messages and impulses of their bodies. Their instincts are thwarted, their intuition is untapped and their sexuality is condemned. Womxn are starving themselves and shrinking themselves and trying their best to disappear. Mother Earth is struggling to survive because She is not being cared for, worshipped or re-membered by us. The same way that we have shamed and rejected human womxn, we have done the same to Mama Gaia. Womxn are having sub par sex, even as we are hyper sexualized by the media. Womxn feel disconnected from each other and don't even know what they are missing because of that disconnection. Womxn are out of touch with their power, their purpose and their innate Goddess-hood.

But, my sister, there is a way back. And its not "out there" like you've been brainwashed to believe. Oh no, it is right inside of you.

Here is the truth, sister: we are all priestesses already.

The way back is through re-connection to our bodies first and foremost. Remembering our divine connection to nature and honoring our own cycles and rhythms and the power within them. Worshipping our blood and the intense emotions that come along with this time of death and rebirth. Connecting with the moon and the seasons and our wombs and feeling into how connected they all are. Re-centering our own authority, and looking and listening inside first, before giving over our power to some eternal force. The way back is through your own pleasure. Of claiming you body as YOURS and therefore yours to nourish and touch and honor in the ways you see fit. Take up all the fucking space you want, sister. Allow your curves to make some people uncomfortable and allow your fierce opinions to do the same. The way back is through the re-emergence of sisterhood. Reconnecting in circles to honor and worship and witness one another. To share wisdom and knowledge and to re-center our power and authority as a community.

I see this shift happening. We are waking up to the truth. We are hearing the call of The Mother and we are answering. We are leading each other back to ourselves. This is my mission during this life. We will not stop until we are all liberated.

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