Empowerment, Embodiment, Alchemy, Community 


An opportunity to evolve, shed and heal in an intentional community setting.  Circle is an 8 week experience that runs seasonally. We meet for 2 hours via Zoom every week during this time and the continuity of a weekly group for an entire season allows us to go deep as a collective. Together, we weave a magical container that is able to hold an ever-expanding sense of vulnerability necessary for true transformation. 


A quick google search on the word empowerment pulls up this definition: “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights”. For me, empowerment has meant discovering my own agency in the world. My innate right to BE here and to take up space without shame. In every single circle session, I am aiming to empower the people in front of me. Maybe, like me, you were conditioned to play small, to be more quiet, to be more polite etc. I remember teachers telling my parents that I was “too loud” and that I needed to learn to hold back to give other kids room. And while compassion and space holding are important, I want to go back in time to that little girl and tell her FUCK THAT. Instead of making yourself smaller so that other people feel comfortable, why not lead by example and offer people the space to empower themselves, EVEN in the presence of your bigness. There is enough room here for everyone. In fact, we NEED everyone’s voice, gifts and fullness of expression. A huge part of my mission is to also create a platform for my sisters to express their unique gifts and step into their roles as teachers, facilitators, leaders etc. in their fields. Use your power to empower-yourself and others. 


Community is THE thing that has completely changed my life in every single way. Here are the things intentional community has offered me: Collaboration, inspiration, laughter, support, eye contact, healing, physical touch, hugs, kisses, family, oxytocin pumping through my veins and so much more. So many of us are brainwashed into believing the “every man for himself” way of life that is so celebrated in capitalistic/patriarchal societies. This way of life leaves people isolated, lonely, depressed, disconnected and anxiety ridden. Being in deep, connected community requires you to be vulnerable and open-which is scary! However, we all crave connection and you’ll be surprised by how lovingly you’ll be received by people when you open up and make an effort to connect. A new-ish friend of mine reached out to me recently asking me on a coffee date. She confessed that she felt a little nervous about asking me. I, on the other hand, was totally flattered and excited by her invitation and we ended up connecting in such a lovely way. If she hadn’t stepped out of her comfort zone, we would have never had that moment of love and connection in each of our days. If you are craving authentic and healing relationships, circle is a place for you. 


VIDEO: The "WHY" behind Womxn's Circle


If I asked you right now “what is the quality of the energy in your body at this moment?” - would you be able to tell me? For me, embodiment is about being present in my skin, my body, my experience, my pleasure, my nervousness, my joy, my anger...all of it. I used to be very, very afraid of being present in my own body. Let’s be honest, being a human is fucking intense and feeling all our feelings all the time is a lot. I used to be subconsciously obsessed with numbing out from my experience. I drank to black out, chain smoked cigarettes, engaged in sexual encounters with people I barely even liked, chased momentary highs and deprived or overindulged my body with food. Thinking back on it, I want to give that girl a really big hug, because the truth is she was just afraid. Although this lifestyle of running from my truth worked in the moment, anxiety would come back even stronger once the high was gone. Also, while I was successfully numbing out the parts of me that felt uncomfortable, I was also numbing out the good stuff. The elated joy. The excited butterflies in my stomach. The overwhelming and pure feelings of love and gratitude when connecting with my friends and family. Even sex became a dull and distilled version of what I now know it can be. So, at 26, I started the process of re-entering my body. I decided to be radically honest and compassionate with myself. What is the point of living this life if I’m only going to allow myself to experience a dulled-down version of it? Now a days, embodiment is a MUST. My yoga practice, connecting outside in nature, intimacy with myself and my loved ones, dancing, taking baths etc. All of these practices drop me into my body, my heart, my experience and make living this life so much more full. A very large part of Womxn's circle, is re-learning how to feel safe and comfortable in your skin. 


Alchemy is the ancient practice of transforming matter. Taking base material and turning it into ✨g o l d✨ Alchemy is a principle I’ve discovered that keeps me healthy, happy and sane. The idea behind alchemy is that: we can take any base material (or energetic state) and through an intentional transmutation process, turn it into whatever we desire. There was a very long time in my life where I settled. For shitty relationships, thought patterns, action patterns, habits, jobs etc. At this time, I was still living under the false belief that I was powerless to the circumstances of life. Then, I discovered A L C H E M Y. I began to flex my magickal muscles, learning how to spin gold out of the shittiness. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, right? This is a basic law of thermodynamics (science). This means that the energy of shittiness and the energy of gold are made of the exact same stuff, its merely about how we decide to spin it and work with it that gives it flavor. Working with Alchemy is how I became a hopeless optimist and started shifting my life. Now, when I notice negative thought patterns or habits creeping in, I reach into my tool kit and work my energy shifting practices to move into the energy state I desire. Start thinking of yourself as the all-powerful, magickal witch or wizard that you are and work your ability to turn this ship around! This is YOUR life and you are the divine CO-creator of your experience here. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Alchemy is at the core of the work we do in Womxn's circle. 

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