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Dance Medicine

With Jessica Jean Muir

Monday evenings, 4/13-5/4

7-9 PM, Hosted on Zoom

Join somatic healer and group facilitator Jessica Jean Muir LMT, RYT for a month long deep dive into the power of movement. Utilizing the power of ecstatic dance, intuitive movement, breathwork and circle work, we will process stuck trauma, stored energy and blockages. We will learn how to move and transmute discomfort in the mind/body and how to embody the energetic qualities we are ready to call forth by practicing movement ritual. Each Monday evening, we will share a 60 minute ecstatic dance practice followed by circle work pertaining to that weeks topic. There will be additional support and encouragement to dance between our sessions. This 4 week intensive is for anyone with a human body who is seeking more freedom, alignment and joy in their lives. Absolutely no “dance” experience neccesarry.



-2 ecstatic dance playlists per week

-Emailed prompts for at home intuitive movement practices

-techniques for moving stuck energy in the body 

-psychosomatic processing tools 

-dance ritual practices

-breathwork practices 

-online community support with your group members 

-A weekly 2 hour ecstatic dance practice and circle work session held via zoom by somatic healer and group facilitator Jessica Jean Muir, LMT, RYT


With Brittany Haywood

Tuesday, April 21st Tuesday, May 5th, Tuesday, May 19th

7-9PM, Hosted on Zoom

Magic by the Moon is a workshop designed to empower you, a femme identifying individual desiring to deepen your relationship with the moon and her cycles. As a participant of this workshop, you will sit in circle and share in rituals with other femmes near the New Moon, the Full Moon and the Dark Moon. You will learn about the energy of the moon phases and how to harness the power of these phases throughout the entire lunar cycle. You will strengthen the union of the divine feminine and divine masculine within, as we work with the union of the sun and the moon. We will explore what it means to work with our shadow, and how to integrate our shadow into our future intention setting. You will leave this workshop understanding the Moon as she appears and moves throughout your natal chart, and be able to use this knowledge as a guide and navigation tool throughout your healing journey and manifestation process. Join us, as we plant our seeds, celebrate their blossom, and honor their death, underneath the magic of the moon. 


With Jessica Jean Muir

Sunday, April 19th - Sunday, June 7th

7pm-9pm, Hosted on Zoom

An opportunity to evolve, shed and heal in an intentional community setting.  Circle is an 8 week experience that runs seasonally. We meet for 2 hours every week during this time and the continuity of a weekly group for an entire season allows us to go deep as a collective. Together, we weave a magical container that is able to hold an ever-expanding sense of vulnerability necessary for true transformation. A very large part of Womxn's circle, is re-learning how to feel safe and comfortable in your skin.  There is enough room here for everyone. In fact, we NEED everyone’s voice, gifts and fullness of expression. A huge part of my mission is to also create a platform for my sisters to express their unique gifts and step into their roles as teachers, facilitators, leaders etc. in their fields. Use your power to empower-yourself and others.  This is YOUR life and you are the divine CO-creator of your experience here. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Alchemy is at the core of the work we do in Womxn's circle.  If you are craving authentic and healing relationships, circle is a place for you.