Yoni Steam

Shed. Heal. Activate. Release. Re-Fresh. Empower.

Yoni Steam ritual is a powerful healing practice that provides transformation through communing with the Divine Femme. During this ritual, women use a specific method of vaginal steaming and ceremonial practices to heal physical aspects of the yoni, emotional trauma around the yoni and sex/sexuality and spiritual connection to the Divine Mother that lives inside all of us.


In a masculine-driven and often body negative society, there are few spaces where women are encouraged to explore and take agency of their sacred vessels. Have you ever desired a deeper connection with the Divine Femme that is embodied as YOU? Have you ever wanted to explore the concept of trauma healing, empowerment and tantra through access of Yoni energy? Do you want to sit in safe container with other self-identified women and explore the power that comes with having a womb space? Then this practice is for you.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What in the world is a YONI and wtf is a YONI STEAM?!

A: Amazing question! I get this one a lot. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for Vagina. I like this term for this part of the body because it carries an added reverence and sacred awareness of the vaginas magical powers.

During a Yoni Steam practice, carefully curated and intentionally selected herbs are boiled in purified water. The mixture is then ladled into a smaller vessel (such as a soup bowl). This bowl is then placed near the Yoni and left to allow the aromatic steam to work on and inside the vulva and vagina. This practice is done in a ceremonial manner with many ritualistic steps taken throughout to create a sacred container for healing.


Q: Will I be naked during the steam? Will other women see my yoni?!

A: Not during steams facilitated by myself at Shakti Soul Collective. Each participant wears a long skirt or dress and also has the option to drape a blanket as well. Undergarments are removed but the covering remains, ensuring privacy during the steam.


Q: I have an IUD, can I still participate in the steam?

A: Sadly, Yoni Steam Ritual is not recommended for women with IUDs.


Q: I am on my moon, can I participate in the steam?

A: Unfortunately, Yoni Steam Ritual is not a suitable practice during menstruation. However, directly before your bleed is the most potent and ideal time for a steam!


Q: What are the health benefits of Yoni Steaming?


From Medicalnewstoday.com

Some of the reported benefits of vaginal steaming include:

  • reducing menstrual symptoms, such as bloating, cramps, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding.

  • boosting fertility.

  • promoting healing after childbirth.

  • reducing stress.

  • treating hemorrhoids.

  • increasing energy and reducing fatigue.

  • treating headaches.


Q: What are the emotional and spiritual benefits of Yoni Steaming?

A: These depend greatly on your own history with sex and sexuality and relationship with the divine feminine. However, commonly experienced transformations include: new or heightened connection to the divine feminine, healing of sexual trauma, healing around miscarriage or abortion, increased connection and banishment of shame around sex and sexuality, claiming of one’s pleasure, empowerment, increased creativity and life force energy, increased connection to higher self and intuition. The list goes on and on.


Q: I have experienced sexual trauma, is this practice emotionally safe for me?

A: Not only is it emotionally safe, but it may be a beautiful step on your path to healing. I have received feedback from many women who have experienced tremendous growth and relief through the practice of Yoni Steaming.




“Jessica is a compassionate and fearless teacher. I learned so much from this experience. The yoga session helped me find strength and grounding before moving into a more meditative space during the yoni steam. My biggest takeaway was having time to reflect on the divine feminine and speak openly with other women about important issues relating to sex, sexuality, and human connection. This is a truly healing practice that I wish all of the women in my life could experience. Thanks, Jessica!”



“A few weeks ago, I attended a 1-on-1 Yoni Steam ritual held by Jessica Jean Muir and it was

truly such a beautiful blessing. Jess has such a positive, comforting energy which really shined

through as she creates a safe container for the steam. The purpose of my steam was to

welcome myself back to my body after being sexually assaulted. I was willing to try anything to

feel safe and present again and when I saw Jess’s post about the yoni steam offering I felt it was

the Universe giving me the invitation. I cannot speak enough about how beautiful and powerful

my experience was. The container the Jess creates, the thought and the intention she brings

really opens the doors wide open for spiritual awakening. For the first time since my trauma I

felt welcomed and safe back in my body. Following the steam, there have been some days that

I slip to feeling disconnected again, but I’ve found that if I read/write in my journal and

meditate I am able to come back to that safe open space. So much love and abundance has

come back to my life and I wholeheartedly believe it started with the journey I went on thanks

to Jess.”